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Hey! My name is Farah.

I am a professional Dubai Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, and Beauty Blogger. I am an optimist dedicated helping you to look the most glamorous version of yourself. I specialize in bridal makeup for Dubai weddings and destination weddings as well.


I was born in Pakistan and raised in Dubai.  Surprisingly I was never into makeup but for as long as I can remember, I was a skincare freak… trying out different products, remedies, and homemade masks to make sure my skin looks clean and clear all the time.

After several failed attempts at doing my own makeup, I enrolled myself in a basic makeup course and soon, I realized my love for Makeup Artistry. The makeup classes I wanted to enroll in to become a professional Dubai Makeup Artist are not cheap, so, I started a 9-5 job in the financial sector to earn some money to invest for professional courses in this industry as well as high end cosmetics, while slowly building my artistry business from the ground up.


I am so fortunate to be trained by the world's best makeup artists. Some of my most notable trainings include “Makeup by Mario” Masterclass by Mario Dedivanovic who is known to glam up Kim Kardashian and her sisters, Tamanna Roshan known as dress your face and the one and only the Master of Hairstyling George Kot.

“I believe everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, everyone is different but everyone is beautiful in their own way & that's what makes us special.”


Whether you are a BRIDE or a BRAND, a WIFE, a CAREER WOMAN, a STUDENT or anyone who wants to look and feel beautiful and confident, my commitment is to bring you the best. When I say I want my clients to look and feel beautiful, I really mean it. It’s not just like “Oh, this looks good”, what I want to hear is “OMG! How did you make me look so gorgeous? I am never taking it off!”

When you are on a seat in front of me, you are the most important person in the world.   I like to listen to my customers and I love listening to their stories.
"This is what I LOVE about my work.  I am all about that personal connection."


I love celebrations and weddings filled with love, emotion, tradition, colors, friends, family, awesome music and dance performances. Whether your wedding is in Dubai, anywhere in the United Arab Emirates, or maybe it is a destination wedding and you’re looking for a Dubai Makeup and Hair Artist who can lend her professional touch, then you need to look no further because bridal makeup is my specialty. I have worked on Indian wedding makeup in Dubai, Pakistani weddings, Arabic weddings, Asian weddings and European weddings.

"I am always enchanted by how every celebration is individually beautiful. Every love story is different and every ceremony is unique with important aspects of cultural rituals and prayers."

I know your wedding is the most important day of your life. You have been planning it for years. It’s so much more than a party.  It’s a reunion of all those who meant something to you throughout your life.
“I understand your dreams and I make sure that you look your best on YOUR SPECIAL DAY.”

My aim is to transform you into perfection and bring out your true beauty and confidence, while adding that oomph so that you will look like the MOST BEAUTIFUL AND GLAMOROUS VERSION OF YOURSELF.

Send me an Email right now to discuss and plan your looks for YOUR BIG DAY.


In addition to being a professional Dubai Makeup and Hair Artist, I also maintain a beauty and makeup blog online. As a beauty blogger, I used my experience as a makeup artist to give relevant information to my readers who are in search of makeup tips online. I am inspired by Dubai beauty blogger Huda Beauty who also motivates other artists. I hope that through my blog I can also encourage more beauty lovers in Dubai to take up makeup courses and maybe once day, become freelance makeup artist themselves.

I am ready to serve anyone who is in need of professional makeup and hairstyling services. I am very versatile and can work on weddings, parties, fashion shoots, and even a makeover session!
“I believe that the relationship is the most important thing in everyone's life if you have read this far, THANK YOU and I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship.”

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Thank you again for your time, stay connected and be Pretty Powerful (yes, the last two words I borrowed from an artist who I truly admire, Bobbi Brown).

With Love

Professional Dubai Makeup Artist and Hairstylist

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